State Department’s List of American Citizens Heard from in Palestine
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State Department’s List of American Citizens Heard from in Palestine

A list of all American citizens in Palestine concerning whom reports have been received from Consul-General Knabenshue, up to the present time, was issued by the State Department to the correspondent of the Jewish Daily Bulletin here.

The dead are: William Berman, Philadelphia: David Sheinberg. Memphis: Benjamin Hurwitz, New York; Harry Froman. New York: Woli Greenberg. Brooklyn: Hyman Krasner, Chicago. Buried at Hebron: Jacob Wexler. Chicago, and Aaron David Epstein, Chicago.

Seriously wounded: Samuel Senders, Chicago: Mrs. Berustein-Sokolover; David Winchester, Elizabeth, New Jersey, now in hospital in Jerusalem.

Slightly wounded: Nathan Goodman. Philadelphia: Solomon Kushner, New York City: Bennic Cohen, Seattle; Moses Gold. San Francisco; all now in Jerusalem. The two Harbater brothers, now in hospital in Jerusalem Mordecai Berg. New York City; Israel Snow. Brooklyn: Shachne Koledefsky. Brooklyn; Baruch Kaplan, New York City.

Unhurt at Hebron: Aaron Bernzweig and wife, Breine, Jersey City; Gittel Barg, New York; Morris Berman, Philadelphia; Ralph de Koven, Chicago, now in Jerusalem on route to Tel Aviv.

Safe: Mrs. Rebecca Safer, Washington; Dr. Samuel Lewin-Epstein, Jerusalem; Mr. and Mrs. Mundel Wasman, Jerusalem; Mrs. Mary Schusheim and two daughters. Jerusalem: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harbater. Jerusalem; Dr. Abraham Kosloff and family and father at Bethakerem.

Safe in Tel Aviv: Sarah Garbov, Sam Gelfand, Ruth Elkin, Simon Halkin, David Brody at Aramatgan, Mrs. Hadassah Karp and child, Zipporah, Fred and Clair Isaacson, Helan Figatner, Regina Friend.