Felix M. Warburg, Agency Administrative Committee Chairman, Returns
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Felix M. Warburg, Agency Administrative Committee Chairman, Returns

Felix M. Warburg, Chairman of the Administrative Committee of the Jewish Agency Council, returned yesterday from Europe on the steamer “Homeric.”

In a statement to the press. Mr. Warburg declared that the work in Palestine will go on unabated. “We have always made it clear that no one in the Jewish world wants to obtain what belongs to his neighbor. Nothing is desired but good will and cooperation,” he said.

“I return after a stay of only three weeks with torn feelings. What horrible, unnecessary suffering and cruelty caused by misunderstanding and false agitation not prevented by those who could have done so if watchful. I am quite sure that the better part of the Mohammedan population resents this uprising.

“I am delighted to learn of the interest and enthusiastic sympathy manifested in the statements of our wonderful President. Mr. Hoover, Senator Borah, and those who have already shown by their contributions their willingness to help rebuild.

“As I see it, we who are united in the Jewish Agency stand solemnly pledged to the following guiding principles: No political ambition but cultural, social and economic ‘live and let live’ for all,” Mr. Warburg stated.

“A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Joint Distribution Committee was held in Zurich. We found great encouragement in the reports. Dr. Rosen was optimistic about Jewish colonization in Russia,” he concluded.