Moslems Continue Building Operations at Wailing Wall
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Moslems Continue Building Operations at Wailing Wall

With quiet and security hardly established in Palestine the Supreme Moslem Council has begun the erection of a new building immediately above the Wailing Wall and the Jews are lodging protests with the government, reports the “London Daily News.” It was the controversy over the Wailing Wall and the maintenance of the status quo there, that was the spark which set afire the Moslem Arab conflagration in Palestine less than two weeks ago.

Arab propaganda is emanating from Jaffa, Haifa, Egypt, Damascus, Beirut and Aleppo and additional troubles are smouldering, the “Daily News” correspondent states, adding that Communist propaganda, calling on the Arabs to revolt, is being circulated in Palestine.

In official quarters it is believed that Hamdi El Hussein, who was formerly in Moscow, is the inspirer of the Communist activities.

A thousand pounds of ammunition and 15 rifles were found in a motor car stopped when it attempted to cross the Allenby Bridge from Transjordania. Cars containing arms are said to be proceeding to Amman.