Thirty Wounded at Warsaw Mass Meeting on Palestine Events
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Thirty Wounded at Warsaw Mass Meeting on Palestine Events

About 30 persons were wounded in a free-for-all fight which developed among Jewish workingmen following a mass meeting held here Saturday night at the Skala Theatre under the auspices of the Right Poale Zion party.

The meeting was devoted to a discussion of Palestine events, but Bundists and Communists present caused a disturbance, necessitating the intervention of the police who removed those interfering with the proceedings. At the close of the meeting the fight was renewed. The victims were principally members of the Poale Zion Party including Abraham Prazan, Leib and Janina Malkin, Moses Altuski, Simcha Rosen and David Wenger.

The meeting adopted resolutions condemning the attitude of the Communists and the Bundists toward the Palestine events.

The Left Poale Zion party issued a (Continued on Page 4)

proclamation concerning the death of Jacob Markewicz, one of its members who died of wounds received in a fight with Communists at a Palestine meeting several weeks ago. In the proclamation the Communists were termed “the Red Friends of the Arab pogromists.” During Markewicz’s funeral new fights broke out.