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Arab Executive Urges Hulda Defenders Be Tried for Possessing Firearms

The settlers of Hulda, now in ruins, who gallantly defended the Jewish National Fund colony against the armed Arab horde, should be tried for the possession of firearms, the Palestine Arab Executive demands, complaining that the 26 rifles which kept 1,000 Arabs at bay for nearly 24 hours have not been confiscated.

The defense of Hulda by the courageous handful, sustaining only one casualty against two-score assailants killed, is considered one of the epics of the recent outbreak.


Attempts to end the anti-Jewish boycott are not progressing, owing to the recalcitrance of the Molem spokesmen, including Mayor Nashashibi of Jerusalem.

When he was obliged to sign a proposed proclamation draft. Mayor Nashashibi, according to the Arab paper “Felestin,” said: “I am signing this as Mayor of Jerusalem, not as Ragheb Nashashibi, nor on behalf of any of my family.”