Trials of Jewish Defenders Proceed in Palestine Courts
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Trials of Jewish Defenders Proceed in Palestine Courts

Marhayim, who served as Quartermaster Sergeant in the Jewish regiment during the Palestine campaign, was arrested on Tuesday on complaints made by Arabs of Beitzefafa, who plundered the Jerusalem Jewish suburb Mikor Hayim, where Marhayim’s parents’ home was damaged and looted during the attack.

Counsel for the former Jewish sergeant did not receive a reply at the police station as to why his client was arrested, nor why a man named Zweig was refused bail.

Examination of the Miller family, accused of killing an Arab during the riots, was begun before a magistrate. The accused include Nahum Miller, his son Baruch and three employees.

Six Arabs were remanded for trial charged with premeditated murder in connection with the death of Toledano, one of the victims of the Safed massacre.

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