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Julius Rosenwald Offers 410,000 Prize for Best Essay on Future of Judaism

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A prize of $10,000 has been offered by Julius Rosenwald of Chicago, and will be awarded for the best essay on the “Future of American Judaism” in a contest which is open to the general public, it has been announced by the Julius Rosenwald Prize Essays Committee through Dr. Samson Benderly, chairman of a sub-committee in charge of the contest. The headquarters of the Committee are at the Federation Building, 71 West 47th St., New York.

Another contest restricted to under-graduate students in colleges and seminaries will be conducted in which prizes amounting to $1,500 will be awarded by Mr. Rosenwald. The following have accepted the invitation of the committee to act as judges in both contests: Dr. Lee K. Frankel of New York. Elisha M. Friedman of New York, Prof Nathan Isaacs of Harvard University, Judge Irving Lehman of New York, and Judge Horace Stern of Philadelphia.

The general theme of the essays to be submitted has, with the approval of Mr. Rosenwald, been formulated by the committee as follows: “For the fullest spiritual development of the individual Jew and the most effective functioning of the Jewish Community in America, how can Jewish life best adjust itself to and influence modern life with respect to (a) beliefs and theories; (b) institutions; the home, the Synagogue, the school and other communal agencies; and (c) Jewish education: for the child, the youth, and adult?” The contest, which is open to the general public, calls for essays of 15,000 to 100,000 words in length, while in the students’ contest the length of the essay is to be from 15,000 to 35,000 words.

The announcement issued by Dr. (Continued on Page 4)

The essays in both contests are required to be in the hands of the committee not later than December 31, 1930.

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