Police Frustrate Attempt at Anti-jewish Demonstration in Jassy
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Police Frustrate Attempt at Anti-jewish Demonstration in Jassy

An attempt by Roumanian students to hold a protest demonstration against the Jews of Roumania in connection with the unsuccessful attempt on the life of government member Vaida by a group of Communists including Abram Goldenberg was prevented by the police. The anti-Semitic students attempted to fasten the guilt of the occurrence on the Jewish population. No disturbances occurred in other parts of Roumania as a result of the unfortunate incident.

The police arrested a number of students. New arrests were also made by the police in connection with the Communist plot. Two Jewish and two Roumanian young Communists were found at the secret headquarters of the Communists.

The parents of young Goldenberg, aged folk, were deeply grieved over the misdeed of their son and pleaded to the officials that their son’s action cannot and should not be ascribed to the Jewish population. This opinion was concurred in by leading members of the Ministry of the Interior who stated that the Jewish population cannot be held responsible for the misdeed of one individual.

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