Palestine Jews Opposed to British Due to Action of Local Administration
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Palestine Jews Opposed to British Due to Action of Local Administration

The Seventh (Palestine Dominion League was formed when the Jews in Palestine became, through the action of the local Palestine Administration, antagonistic to Great Britain, declared Colonel Josiah Wedgwood, addressing a meeting of the League held here with the participation of several members of Parliament. “We were ruling on the line, balancing the Arabs against the Jews instead of encouraging both to trust the government and together help the development of the country,” he said.

While the vocal part of the Arab population is anti-Jewish this hostility is not shared by the population generally. The last uprising was caused largely by the attitude of the Palestine Administration, Colonel Wedgwood declared.

Colonel Wedgwood advocated the establishment of a loan to facilitate the work in Palestine. There should also be a reliable defense force. The League is not an anti-Arab movement but desires, on the contrary, to help and not to hinder Arab development.

Lieutenant-Commander Kenworthy, emphasizing the imperial strategic importance of Palestine, said he cannot imagine how the Conservatives could support the “clear out of Palestine movement.” Colonel Wedgwood stated that the League now has a branch in South Africa. Besides Parliamentarians, the English membership is small.

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