Agency May Petition Government Not to Execute Doomed Arabs
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Agency May Petition Government Not to Execute Doomed Arabs

The Jewish Agency for Palestine is now considering the presentation of a petition to the Palestine government, asking that death sentences pronounced on Arabs for participation in the anti-Jewish massacres should not be carried out. This information is contained in a report published by the “Juedische Rundshau.” official organ of the German Zionist Federation.

The suggestion that Zionists should petition the Palestine government against executing the death sentences has been heatedly debated in Zionist circles in Germany, the majority favoring such intervention. The only question was how this should be carried out, some expressing the feeling that the Zionist Organization or the Rabbis should approach the government, others holding that it was the duty of the Jewish Agency to take the initiative.

The minority opposed such a stand arguing that if the Arabs are not given a definite example, they will be encouraged to new excesses. To this reply is made that the Grand Mufti and the organizers of the massacres will not change their tactics even if the sentenced Arabs are executed as they are merely pawns in their political chess play.

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