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League for Safeguarding Sabbath Disputes Eastman Analysis

Exception to the recent statement of George Eastman, chairman of the National Committee on Calendar Simplification, that the results of the calendar reform referendum of the United States Chamber of Commerce confirmed the findings of his committee that there prevailed in this country a demand for calendar improvement and that the United States was justified in participating in an international conference for the purpose, was taken by Dr. Moses Hyamson, president of the League for Safeguarding the Fixity of the Sabbath.

“The report of the National Committee on Calendar Simplification, transmitted by the State Department to the Committee of the League of Nations engaged in ascertaining the opinion of nations on the calling of an international conference, failed to ascertain and include an authoritative statement from religious bodies in America, as suggested by the Committee of the League of Nations, on its various proposals relating to the subject of calendar reform.” Dr. Hyamson said. “The vote of the member organizations of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States can be properly and accurately interpreted only upon ascertaining what proportion of these organizations secured a decision by a referendum to their entire membership and what proportion cast their decision through a vote of their governing boards.”