Second “barshay Case” Occurs in Bobruisk
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Second “barshay Case” Occurs in Bobruisk

Bobrouisk, the scene of the anti-Semitic persecutions of the Jewish girl. Miss Dreize Barshay, whose case attracted wide attention, again witnessed an attack of the same kind, according to a report published today in the “Oktiabr.”

Two workers, Mitkovitch and Kudravtzov, in the presence of other workers of the Bobruisk brick factory, brutally attacked a Jewish girl worker, Miss Moiseyeva. Tearing off her clothes they poured hot lime on her. Witnesses to the brutal act stood by laughing. The girl is now in a critical condition.

The two perpetrators were dismissed from the factory. They will be brought to trial. The Barshay case was staged by the authorities as a demonstration against anti-Semitism. The three found guilty then were given prison terms up to six years.

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