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Arab Paper Praises Dr. Magnes’s Attitude As One of Moderation

The “Felestin,” Arab publication, in its Euglish edition yesterday praises the stand taken by Dr. Judah L. Magnes and Professor Hugo Bergmann, declaring that they are propagating moderation.

Blaming Dr. Chaim Weizmann, President of the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization, and Vladimir Jabotinsky, head of the Zionist Revisionists, for extremist policies; the “Felestin” urges Dr. Magnes and his friends to continue the propagation of their ideas, becaused only with them can the Arabs negotiate.

The “Al Carmel” compares Sir John Chancellor to Pontius Pilate, charging that while the Jews are ruining the Arabs. Chancellor is washing his hands and delivering the Arabs to the mercy of the Jews.