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Judaism Explained in Government Publication

A brief statement of the history of the Jewish community in the United States and its work, statistics of the Jewish congregations, and a short expose of the doctrines of Judaism are given in a bulletin issued recently by the United States Bureau of the Census. The bulletin was prepared by Dr. H. S. Linfield, Director of the Statistical Department of the American Jewish Committee, who acted as Special Agent of the Bureau of the Census.

In speaking of the doctrines of Judaism, the Government bulletin states that the Jewish religion is a way of life and has no formulated creed, but on the other hand, it has certain teachings, sometimes called doctrines or dogmas, which are considered obligatory on the adherents of the Jewish religion, and these are grouped under four headings: 1) Unity of God, 2) The World and Man. 3) The Future of Mankind and Israel, and 4) The Law