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Wants Clearer Definition of British Palestine Obligations Than That Given in Mandate

A clearer definition of British obligations in Palestine than that provided in the Mandate is needed, says the British magazine, “Near East and India,” in an editorial regretting that the late Inquiry Commission was appointed with limited terms because it feels that “profitable changes lie in the realm of major policy rather than in the details of administration.”

Pointing out that “imperial necessity makes it of the highest importance that the obscurity and the mist of sentiment in “which the Palestine problem has too long lain should be lightened and dissolved,” “Near East and India” declares that “those looking at the question mainly from the British point of view have regretted the categorical statement by various political leaders just after the disturbances that any change in major policy was quite of the question.”

Commenting on the fact that since an idea has already been gained as to the probable findings of the Shaw Commission canvassing has started for the appointment of a wider-scope commission, the editorial goes on to say that “from the immediate point of view it is beyond dispute” that a clearer definition of British obligations in Palestine is needed. Pointing to the fact that the “Balfour Declaration has already been once officially inter-