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Catholic Clergy of Roumania Launch Attack Against Cuza

The Catholic clergy have started a campaign against the notorious Roumanian anti-Semitic leader, Cuza, because the Cuza press, in an appeal which it has just issued, regards anti-Semitism as a religious Christian movement springing from the New Testament and praised Cuza as the “thirteenth apostle.”

As a result of this the Bucharest priests Cordanu and Popescu have issued a manifesto in which Cuza is characterized as a false Messiah and a dangerous destroyer of the Roman church, as well as a rebel against the civil and military authorities. The manifesto says that while Cuza pretends to defend Christianity from the “Jewish danger,” it is known that in a well-known work written by Cuza, atheism was lauded, religious instruction was declared to be a comedy, and mention was made there of a heaven without a God.