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Zionist Diplomatic Agent Files Memo Against Arabs’ Protest on Wailing Wall Commission

Victor Jacobson, diplomatic representative of the Zionist organization, visited yesterday Sir Eric Drummond, secretary of the League of Nations Council, and submitted to him the following memorandum:

“Emir Arslan Ibn Djabri, who pretends to represent the Arab population of Palestine, has published a protest against the Wailing Wall resolution adopted by the League Council. I protest against the allegation that the Jews are striving to appropriate the Arab holy places and the Mosque of Aksa, as well as the assertion that the establishment of a Jewish majority would necessarily result in the profanation of the Arab holy places and the elimination of the Arab Moslem elements. It was never the Jewish aspiration to appropriate the Arab holy places, which fact has already been established in official Jewish declarations.

“Arslan’s new allegations are likely to spread disquiet among the fanatical masses. They render most difficult the country’s pacification and the establishment of collaboration and a feeling of friendly neighborliness between Jews and Arabs. The Zionist organization had solemnly announced its desire to collaborate in the development of the entire country by all parts of