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German and Austrian Press Aroused by Higher Court’s Denial of Halsmann Appeal

new trial, while the “Reichspost” criticizes the storm that has been raised by asking whether the Liberal press in Austria and abroad would have conducted a similar campaign if the accused were an anti-Semite.

In the meantime, general sentiment is with Halsmann’s mother, who is receiving numerous comforting letters, flowers and visits, even from unknown Christian ladies. Halsmann’s mother is determined to appeal to the President for a pardon, without the consent of Halsmann, because the rehabilitation fight would then be easier. A number of Austrian lawyers have offered their aid in a renewal of the case.

Halsmann spent the first night since the Court’s decision in a shaken condition, but he is maintaining his outward quietness and wires encouragingly to his mother to await a further fight for justice. In the meantime, the Innsbruck hospital has begun the artificial sun-ray treatment on his lungs.