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Ukrainian Jewish Colonists to Get No Soviet Funds in 1930 As Comzet Budget is Cut

The Jewish colonists in the Ukraine will not get a single penny from the Soviet government during 1930, it became known today when the session of the Comzet, the government department for settling the Jews on the land, announced that the government had cut the Comzet budget from seven million roubles to five million.

Although the Comzet is planning to protest against this two million rouble cut it has in the meantime divided its budget on the basis of five million roubles and not seven million. For 1930 the Comzet budget assigns 2,375,000 roubles to Crimea, 2,225,000 to Bira Bidjan, 50,000 roubles to White Russia, Caucausus, Dagestan and Uzbekitan and nothing to Ukrainia. The balance of 125,000 roubles will be used to maintain the Comzet offices.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency learns that the decreased Comzet budget may lead to the settling of only 3,000 new Jewish colonists in 1930 instead of the 5,000 planned.