Zionism is Destroying Jewish Internationalism, Says Karolyi
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Zionism is Destroying Jewish Internationalism, Says Karolyi

The Zionist movement is “destroying the internationalism of the Jews, which is one of their finest heritages” declared Count Michael Karolyi, Hungarian Socialist leader, in an address on Monday night before a thousand people at the Brooklyn Jewish Center Forum. Characterizing the Zionist movement as “reactionary and destructive,” the Count said:

“The Jews should play their historic role of building up a better world; they should bend their efforts toward the rehabilitation of Europe instead of secluding themselves among half-civilized Arabs and nursing a petty nationalism.”

Count Karolyi also accused the Jews of Hungary of chauvinsm. “They want to be more Magyar than the Magyars themselves. They are guilty of falling in line with the most nationalistic elements of Hungary. The Hungarian press, largely controlled by Jews, condones and insists upon the chauvinistic patriotism which is rampant in Europe,” he declared.

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