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Ort Withdraws Completely from Colonization Work in Minsk, Mohilev Regions

The Ort has decided to completely withdraw from Jewish colonization work in the Minsk and Mohilev regions because of the merging of Jewish and non-Jewish collectives there. The only region in White Russia where the Ort is now carrying on its work is Bobroisk where the Jewish colonists are not compelled to merge with non-Jews.

The entire Bobroisk region will be shortly formed into one large Jewish collective by the Ort. This collective will embrace 900 Jewish families and includes 250 in the township of Tshedrin, which is the project of the New York landsmanshaft from that place. The Ort will also continue its colonization in the Odessa and Pervomaisk regions where all 24 Ort colonies are collectivized but maintain their national character. According to the latest information the Winter crops of the Jewish colonies in the Odessa and Pervomaisk regions are the best in the last seven years.