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Calls on U. P. A. Pledgees to Pay Before Allied Drive Opens

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A call to the Jews of America to pay up the pledges which they made for the United Palestine Appeal before the Allied Jewish Campaign is launched officially next month, was issued today through the Jewish Telegraphic Agency by Judge William M. Lewis of Philadelphia, National Chairman of the United Palestine Appeal and one of the co-chairmen of the newly-formed joint committee. Judge Lewis said that the U.P.A. still has a number of commitments which it must meet and that it would be impossible for him and his associates to meet these commitments unless the pledges still due the U.P.A. are met. It would facilitate matters considerably, Judge Lewis declared, if these outstanding accounts were settled before the new appeal is launched.

“The Allied Jewish Campaign is another step in the co-ordination of Jewish effort on behalf of Palestine upbuilding,” said Judge Lewis. “The Zionists of America are looking forward with keen anticipation to a realization of the Jewish Agency. The Conference called to take place on the 8th and 9th of March will mark the beginning of a new epoch in the history of Palestine upbuilding; it will also signalize the entry of a finer spirit of co-operation and of co-ordinated effort on the part of American Jewry. It is not at all necessary for me to call upon the Zionists of America to join in the new enterprise with those who were active solely on behalf of the U.P.A. in the past. I know they will do so, and I am satisfied too that the combined efforts will be productive of splendid results.”

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