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“pravda” Sees Anti-kulak Fight in National Minorities Regions Harmful, Premature

The liquidation of kulakism in the national minorities regions is premature and harmful, warns the “Pravda” today. The official organ of the Communist Party urges that special consideration be given to the national minorities regions in conducting collectivization.

“Pravda” explains that the influence of the Communist Party and of the working class is still poor in the national minorities regions, while the nationalistic and religious sentiments are dominant there. “Should we conduct total collectivization and liquidation of kulaks in such national minorities regions, it would then mean that we substitute their autonomy with a forced administration which would influence the non class-conscious masses against the Soviet and would harm our land production in those regions.”

The paper recommends, therefore, that instead of liquidating the kulak in those regions he should rather be limited in his rights and highly taxed, but not expelled.