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Announce 40% of Ope’s Books to Be Junked; Treasures Removed to Kiev Academy

Forty percent of the valuable books from the liquidated library of the Ope (Society for Spreading Culture Among the Jews) of Leningrad, will be sold as junk, it was announced today during the festive transfer of the treasures of the society, liquidated because it was “bourgeoisie and counter-revolutionary,” to the Jewish department of the Ukrainian Academy in Kiev.

A number of prominent Communists, including A. Osherovitch from Minsk, Liberberg from Kiev, and Litvakov from Moscow, made a special trip to Leningrad for the ceremony. In their speeches they declared that the Ope should have been liquidated much sooner as a “Zionistic, Hebraistic, rabbinical, militarist association,” but the Yevsektzia had overlooked it, “being engaged in more important tasks.”