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Books of the Day

Year In, Year Out. By Samuel Hoffenstein. By the author of “Poems in Praise of Practically Nothing.” Excellent satirical verse. Liveright $2.

My Life. By Leon Trotzky. History in the making in this autobiography of a great revolutionist. Scribner’s $5.

The New Generation. A symposium edited by Samuel D. Schmalhausen and V. F. Calverton. Discussion of the relations between modern children and their parents by Havelock Ellis, John B. Watson and others. Macaulay $5.

The Power and Secret of the Jesuits. By Rene Tulop-Miller. An exhaustive account of an illustrious order. Viking $5.

America Looks Abroad. By Paul M. Mazur, member of the banking firm# of Lehman Brothers. An absorbing discussion of some of the world’s economic problems. Viking $3.

The Flood. By Robert Neumann. A dynamic Zola-like novel of post-war conditions. Published by Covici-Friede.