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Senate Approves Harris Bill Minus Amendments Restricting Further European Immigration

The likelihood of further restriction of European immigration during the present session of Congress was greatly diminished, if not entirely eliminated, when the Senate struck out of the Harris bill, recently voted recommitted to the Senate immigration committee, the amendments which would have greatly reduced European immigration, and adopted the bill, retaining only the proviso for placing Mexico under the quota.

The bill in this form having passed the Senate now goes to the House for a vote there. The action in the Senate came in the form of a vote on Senator Copeland’s motion to reconsider the action of the Senate in recommitting the bill to the Senate immigration committee. The effect of his motion was to prevent the Senate immigration committee from acting on the bill and keep it pending in the Senate instead.

As passed in the Senate the bill takes a few immigrants from the quotas of all countries by reason of the addition of Mexico to the quota system with 1,500 to 2,000 immigrants out of the present annual total of 150,000.