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Inquiry Shows Vienna Jews Do Not Aid Anti-semitic Party

Open letters in the Vienna press to Jewish industrialists charge that the latter in their anxiety to hamper the Social-Democratic party are supporting the bourgeois Heimwehr, the private army, which of late has shown anti-Semitic tendencies. The Christian Socialist Party, which is the influential bourgeois party, is anti-Semitic and Heimwehr officials have of late begun open propaganda for this party, particularly minor leaders who have preached anti-Semitism at meetings in Vienna.

Some of the letters to the Jewish industrialists ask whether they and Jewish merchants “pay for anti-Jewish agitation through their subventions to the Heimwehr.” Investigation showed that the charges are applicable only to a few wealthy Jews and they are not active in the Jewish community. Few Jews give financial aid to the Heimwehr and such prominent Jewish firms as Rothschild and Guttman have never supported it.