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Soul of Jews in Palestine, Bodies in Eastern Europe, Says Sir Herbert Samuel

If the soul of the Jewish people is in Palestine their bodies are in Eastern Europe and great work is required to put them in a healthy condition, declared Sir Herbert Samuel today addressing a luncheon in the House of Commons for David Lvovitch and M. Singalowsky, members of the executive of the World Ort, the society for promoting technical trades and agriculture among the Jews of Eastern Europe. Sir Herbert pointed out that the Ort movement does not conflict with Zionism.

Forty members of Parliament attended the luncheon which was presided over by Lord Morley. Others present were representative of all wings of English public opinion. Messrs. Lvovitch and Singalowsky addressed the luncheon on the problems of Jewish reconstruction in Eastern Europe and discussed the activities of the Joint Distribution Committee and the Ort. Members of all parties in Parliament who spoke briefly emphasized the humanitarian and non-political character of the Ort.