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Roumanian Jews’ Union Assures King of Its Loyalty; Jews Are Relieved at Maniu Appointment

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Assurances of the loyalty of the Jews of Roumania to the new regime were sent to King Carol by the Union of Roumanian Jews following a plenary session under the chairmanship of its president, Dr. William Filderman. The message sent to the King said, “The Central Committee of the Union of Roumanian Jews salutes Your Majesty’s accession to the throne and hopes that the Roumanian Jews who were emancipated under the glorious reign of your great father, Ferdinand I, will find under your rule protection of the law and authorities.

“We assure Your Majesty that the Roumanian Jews will, as in the past, be loyal and devoted citizens in the service of the throne and the fatherland. We wish Your Majesty a long, glorious and happy rule”. Dr. Filderman called at the Palace to present his respects to King Carol. The Union of Jewish Communities of Old Roumania wired the King in similar terms while Senator Niemerower, representative of the Jewish faith in the Senate, also telegraphed his loyalty.

The appointment of Julius Maniu as premier has relaxed the anxiety created in Jewish circles when the possibility of General Presan’s premiership was entertained. General Presan is regarded as an avowed anti-Semite because during the war he pursued a policy which earned for him a reputation as being responsible for the persecution of the Jews of Moldavia to which the Roumanian army retreated.

Senator Niemerower, on the other hand, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that General Presan had repeatedly expressed to him the friendliest sentiments to the Jews, assuring him that the accusations against him were untrue. Nevertheless in Jewish circles there is relief that he was not appointed.

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