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Jewish Groups to Unite in Presenting Jewish Case to Wailing Wall Commission

The Jewish National Council at its meeting today decided on joint action with the Jewish Agency, the Rabbinate, and the Agudath Israel, world orthodox organization, in presenting the Jewish case before the Wailing Wall Commission. The actual advocacy of the Jewish case will be left to David Yellin, Mordecai Eliash and S. Blan.

It is understood that at the behest of Dr. Judah L. Magnes, a special council has been constituted to act as a supervisory body in the presentation of the Jewish case to the Commission which is to examine Moslem claims to the Wall. The Council consists of Rabbis Kook, Mayer and Sonenfeld, marking the first significant action on which rabbis in opposing camps have united. Professor Yehudah has also indicated his willingness to assist the Jewish case.