Soviets Planning to Release Rabbi Lazarev
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Soviets Planning to Release Rabbi Lazarev

The correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency has learned that the Soviet government intends to recall Rabbi Lazarev, Chief Rabbi of Leningrad, from his exile in Narim, permitting him to reside in Soviet Russia but not in Leningrad, Moscow or four other centers.

Rabbi Lazarev was arrested on February 26 by the Russian secret police on the charge of maintaining illegal connections with Rabbinical organizations abroad. On April 3, Rabbi Lazarev was found guilty and was sentenced to ten years exile in a concentration camp.

The members of the large synagogue of Leningrad were permitted today by the local Soviet to turn it again into a place of worship. The chairman of the synagogue, the well-known lawyer Gurewitch, who was arrested when the synagogue was confiscated, has not yet been released. It is understood that the milder attitude of the Soviet government is due to the decision not to combat religion, but to confine such activities to peaceful anti-religious propaganda.

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