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Hitlerites Threaten Pogroms As They Win Sweeping Electoral Diet Victory in Saxony

Ten members of the National Socialist party were arrested in a clash with the police at Wannsee, a popular seaside resort near here, when 50,000 National Socialist visitors carrying anti-Semitic flags clashed through the police after the National Socialists had called for the ousting of the Jews from Wannsee.

Threats that pogroms against the Jews may start, that they will not be able to prevent, are being made in the Berlin organ of the National Socialist party, whose leader is Adolph Hitler. While the Hitlerite paper is protesting against the enforcement of the ban on the wearing of the Hitler uniforms, it is rejoicing over the National Socialist victory in Saxony where the party appears certain to have won 14 seats in the Diet election. It is possible that the National Socialist will now hold the balance of power in Saxony, thus, together with Thuringia, forming a wedge between Prussia and Bavaria, and making it possible for the National Socialists governments in Saxony and Thuringia to facilitate the spread of its anti-Semitic propaganda.