Sir Israel Gollancz, Noted Shakespearean Scholar, Dead
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Sir Israel Gollancz, Noted Shakespearean Scholar, Dead

Sir Israel Gollancz, one of the most distinguished Shakespearean scholars in the world, for many years Professor of English at the University of London, author of several works of Shakespearean criticism, editor of many medieval texts and secretary of the British Academy since its foundation in 1903, died yesterday at his home in Hempstead at the age of 67.

Sir Israel, who was the brother of the Rev. Sir Herman Gollancz, emeritus professor of University College and distinguished Hebrew scholar, took an active interest in Jewish communal affairs. He was for several years theological tutor to the Jewish students at Harrow School, and in 1903 was elected president of the Union of Jewish Literary Societies.

A few months ago Sir Israel caused a sensation when he declared that the English language in America is becoming degraded. “The English language in America”, he then said, “is like the herd of Cadarene swine, but we may hope that it may not altogether annihilate itself”. In 1923 he visited the United States to attend the conference of British and American professors of English held at Columbia University.

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