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30 Industrial Guilds Employing 4,000 Jews to Be Established in Ukrainia by the Ort

Thirty Jewish industrial guilds employing 4,000 Jews are planned in Ukrainia by the foreign Ort in Moscow. It contemplates the establishment in practically every small town of Ukrainia af a factory or other industrial enterprise suitable to the raw material obtainable in the region. Brick kilns, metallurgical plants and timber works for which the Ort will supply the machinery and tools from America and Germany will be built.

These plants will be established in Kiev, Odessa, Uman, Smiela, Choelnik, Shpole, Lipovez, Talne, Cherkas, Korosten, Kamenez Podolsk and Nikolaev. A spectacles factory will also be built in Moscow where 150 Jews will be employed and a furniture plant will be opened in Vitebsk where 300 Jews will find work. In addition to these contemulated undertakings the Ort has already established industrial enterprises for 3,300 declassed Jews, nearly half of them in Ukrainia and the rest in white Russia and Central Russia.