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Chancellor Asks Arabs’ Promise of No Disturbances While He is out of Palestine

There will be no issue of the Bulletin published on July 4, a legal holiday.

Prior to his departure on his annual vacation, High Commissioner Chancellor asked the Arab leaders to reassure him regarding reports received by the Colonial Office that plans were on foot for disturbances in Palestine once the High Commissioner was gone, according to a report in the Arab paper, “Al Hayat.” A similar report appeared today in the Cairo “El Mokkatam.”

Members and officials of the Arab Executive are reported to have informed the High Commissioner that the rumors were false and that they emanated from persons “fishing in muddy water.”

This rumor indicating that even authoritative sources abroad entertain exaggerated notions of insecurity in Palestine is supplemented by two unconfirmable rumors of an equally sensational nature. One is that the British government has insured the lives of the three members of the Wailing Wall Commission who are investigating Arab and Moslem claims to the Wall. The second is that an American insurance company has demanded a special premium for every day spent in Jerusalem by Dr. M. Huderich, an American international lawyer who is arbitrating a claim for damages against the British government for property losses suffered during the 1927 earthquake.

Although the rumor of disturbances timed to break out when the High Commissioner leaves is not credited in any authoritative circles here it is being recalled that the riots of last August occurred while the Commissioner was out of the country.

There will be no issue of the Bulletin published on July 4, a legal holiday.