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Official Government Statement Says Fire in Borscha Not Started by Anti-semites

An official communique published by the ministry of the interior following an administrative inquiry into the fire in the Jewish village of Borscha which destroyed 128 houses and left 2,000 people homeless, has established that the fire was due to negligence. This explanation is reported to have been confirmed by Dr. Solomon whose house was among those destroyed.

The official statement of the causes of the fire came after Deputy Joseph Fisher had wired Vayda Voyevod, minister of the interior, demanding an investigation. The statement said that other versions as to the cause of the disaster were baseless, pointing out that the peasants had assisted in extinguishing the flames.

On the other hand reports reaching Vienna and Budapest state that the fire was set by anti-Semites because it was learned that the region has lately been the center of anti-Semitic agitation and when the fire-fighters sought water from the wells they were found to be blocked by stones.