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Anti-semitic Posters in Buenos Aires Urges Jews Be Expelled from Argentina

Anti-Semitic posters, which call for the expulsion of the Jews from Argentina have been found posted on bill-boards in the Jewish section of Buenos Aires.

“The Jews have insulted the honor of the Argentine woman; they do not respect the Argentine laws; Jews should not be tolerated in our schools and universities and should be expelled from the country,” the posters declare. They are signed by “The Sons of the People,” a mysterious organization which some people here link with the anti-Semitic student group which some weeks ago posted a placard with “Kill the Jews” as its slogan.

The Independent Socialist Deputy Bezhinski, who is himself a Jew, has called upon the police department to investigate the origin of the anti-Semitic posters and to punish the guilty. The Socialist newspaper, “La Vanguardia,” in an editorial voices a strong protest against the anti-Semites. Other newspapers of Buenos Aires have ignored the entire incident.

The Jews of Buenos Aires are not over-excited at the appearance of these posters, having as they do full confidence in the democratic spirit of the Argentine people and in the effectiveness of Argentine laws.