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Arabic Scholar Gives Hebrew University Library Valuable Mediaeval Arab Document

Nizar Abu Su’ud, an Arabic scholar, has donated to the Jewish National and University Library an Arabic manuscript entitled “Rasa’il Ikhwan as-Safa.” This manuscript is the great Arabic scientific encyclopedia which was compiled in the tenth century through the well known Islamic sect, Ikhran As-Safa. The manuscript donated to the Library was written in the year 1191 of the Hegira (1777 C. E.) and contains about two-thirds of this encyclopedia which fills four volumes of print.

A collection of scientific works produced by the most prominent Czech scholars of today has been donated to the Jewish National and University Library by the Czechoslovakian Government through the Czechoslovakian Consulate in Jerusalem. Among them are the works of Prof. Hrozny on the Hittites, and the works of Prof. Lexa on the History of Old Egypt.

The well known German biographer, Emil Ludwig, has sent to the Jewish National and University Library as a memento of his stay in Jerusalem last winter, the large edition of Goethe published by the Propylaen in 45 volumes. The collection contains besides the works of Goethe three volumes giving a description of the personality of Goethe by relatives and letters of his contemporaries.