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Revisionists’ Leader Sees Z.o. Executive Lacking Fixed Plan

The absence of a fixed plan or policy on the part of the Zionist Executive becomes evident, declared Meer Grossman, Zionists-Revisionists leader, at a Revisionists’ press conference here today. Mr. Grossman complained that the Zionist Executive had failed to realize the danger in Sir John Simpson’s mission, which he pointed out the Revisionists had predicted. Three months after the prediction, Mr. Grossman pointed out, the political commission of the Jewish Agency declared it would be unable to accept Sir John’s report.

A letter from Vladimir Jabotinsky, world leader of the Zionists-Revisionists, was read in which he enumerated the various activities of the Zionist Executive which allegedly prejudiced the government against him leading to his exclusion from Palestine. In his letter Mr. Jabotinsky said that the Zionist Executive was free to protest against unjust and immoral action by the government regarding any Palestinian Jew but he does not desire the Revisionists’ leadership to associate itself with such steps.