Two Notorious Anti-semites Arrested by Roumanian Police
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Two Notorious Anti-semites Arrested by Roumanian Police

The notorious anti-Semitic agitator, Danila, and his associate, Nicolai Totu, who in 1927 was acquitted in Campolung of having murdered the Jewish student, David Falik, in the Cznernowitz court house, November 11, 1926, have been arrested by the police in Campolung following a raid, according to a report in the Bucharest daily, “Dimineatza.”

Falik was shot and killed in the Czernowitz court by Totu while Falik was testifying in a trial against anti-Semitic students. The murder aroused great indignation and protests throughout the Jewish world. On the plea that Totu could not get a fair trial in Cernowitz the case was transferred to Campolung. While the trial was pending Totu ran for Parliament on the Cuzist ticket.

The trial was finally held February 21, 1927 and Totu was acquitted.

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