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Anti-semitic School Prayers in Thuringia Are Prohibited by German Supreme Court

cialist members of the Thuringian landtag denounced them as unconstitutional and called on the Reich government to prohibit them. Shortly after the Reich minister of the interior, Dr. Joseph Wirth, protested to the Thuringian government against the use of the prayers.

Dr. Wirth then brought the matter up in the Federal parliament where he reported his negotiations with Premier Baum of Thuringia. Dr. Wirth said that as a Catholic and a minister under the Weimar constitution the prayers had touched him painfully. The prayers issue came up again in the Thuringian landtag and Dr. Frick was called “a coward” when he denied that they were aimed at the Jews. His denial was seen as caused by the fear that the Reich government would intervene.

Another note to the Thuringian government calling upon it to revoke the prayers carried with it a threat that unless this demand was complied more strenuous action would be taken and the Reich government would intervene. Finally, when the Thuringian government point blank refused to rescind the prayers suit was instituted.