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Kovno Jews Face Economic Crisis by Shift in Market Site; Ousted from Fascist Party

Kovno Jewry was today attacked on two fronts, the political and the economic. The Jews of the country face an economic crisis by virtue of a government decision transferring the market places from the Jewish sections to the non-Jewish. The bulk of the Jews of Kovno are traders and artisans whose business is concentrated in the vicinity of the market where they make a living by supplying the needs of the peasants. When the market is shifted to a non-Jewish quarter this trade will be lost.

On the political side, a decision of the Facist National party today ordered the expulsion of all Jews. The Nationalist party, which since its coup d’etat of 1926 has been in control of the government, began as a progressive party with many Jewish members. The present order instructs the local party groups to remove all Jews.

In face of these two adverse rulings the Jews of Lithuania are consoling themselves with the publication of instructions slightly modifying the Sunday closing law. The changes permit the opening of shops in the suburbs of Kovno for three hours on Sunday but in Kovno itself they must remain closed.