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Peasants Make Second Attack on Jews of Balaceana, Bukowina

News trickling in here from Roumania and confirmed by reports in the “Freie Presse” indicate that anti-Semitic peasants made a second attack on the Jews of Balaceana late Sunday night destroying many houses and injuring many Jews. The synagogue was wrecked and a number of Jewish shops plundered. The first onslaught occurred Saturday.

Although the local authorities tried to intervene they were overwhelmed by the peasants who suddenly assembled after the ringing of church bells had awakened the peasants. The municipal officials and the village gendarmes were compelled to flee to Suceava where they remained until military assistance was sent to Balaceana where forty of the ringleaders were arrested.

The peasants also set fire to a number of houses in Balaceana. Only timely action by the authorities prevented a real catastrophe. It is also reported that the Jews in the villages near Balaceana are leaving their homes, fearing compulsory expulsion by the excited peasantry.