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Says Success of Jewish National Home Depends on Cooperation of Jewry and Great Britain

Saying that the success of the Jewish National Home depends largely on cooperation between Jewry and the British government, the “Near East and India” in an editorial in the current issue argues that “nothing hinders this cooperation more than the constant holding of a pistol, albeit unloaded at the head of the British government”. The “Near East and India,” reputed to be close to the British Colonial Office, is criticizing the repeated protests of Jewry against Britain’s policy in Palestine.

The magazine says that if the present tactics of the Jews towards Great Britain had been employed in 1917 there would have been no Balfour Declaration. If ever a return to “sweet reasonableness” was necessary, writes “Near East and India,” “now seems the time when circumstances compel a careful stock-taking in Palestine in the interests of the Jewish National Home”.