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Betzfafa Arabs and Jews of Mekor Hayim Sign Peace Pact

A peace pact was signed today, to the accompaniment of the customary Oriental festivities, between the Arabs of the village of Betzfafa and the Jews of Mekor Hayim, a suburb of Jerusalem. The peace agreement followed a statement from the Arabs of Betzfafa, which is not far from Mekor Hayim, to the Palestine government repenting their attack on the Jews of Mekor Hayim during last Summer’s disturbances.

As a sign of forgiveness the Jews of Mekor Hayim have petitioned the government to quash the legal proceedings against two Arabs from Betzfafa who are charged with attempted murder of Mekor Hayim Jews. Some days ago the courts suspended proceedings in a damage suit of Mekor Hayim Jews against the Arabs of Betzfafa on the plea that the Arabs were prepared to agree to a settlement outside of court.