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Judge Mack and Stephen Wise Will Represent Z. O. A. at Jewish Agency Meeting

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Judge Julian W. Mack, Honorary Chairman of the Zionist Organization of America, and Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Chairman of the American Zionist Committee on Political Affairs, were yesterday delegated as extraordinary representatives of the Zionist Organization of America, to the meetings of the Administrative Committee of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and to the Zionist Central Council, both of which will be held in Berlin during the last week of August.

The announcement of these appointments was made yesterday at the Zionist headquarters, following the sessions of the recently constituted Administrative Committee of the Zionist Organization of America, and of the Committee on Political Affairs and on the Jewish Agency. The Administrative Committee held its session at the home of Judge Mack, Fifth Avenue Hotel, under the chairmanship of Robert Szold, while the Committee on Political Affairs and Jewish Agency met at the Zionist headquarters, under the chairmanship of Dr. Wise.

The situation of the Zionist movement at home and abroad was subjected to a thorough discussion, and plans for strengthening of the movement in the United States, following the union of forces created at the recent Cleveland Convention, were formulated, to be put into operation soon. Seven committees, into whose service many prominent American Zionists were drafted, were appointed.

It was stated at Zionist headquarters that the Administrative and Political Committees had under consideration reports from abroad concerning important Zionist issues, which occupy the attention of the British Government and of influential Jewish circles throughout the world.

The appointment of Judge Mack and Dr. Wise as extraordinary representatives to the two European Conferences on Palestine was the result of the recent reorganization of the Zionist Organization of America. The American Zionist delegation to the two conferences will include Louis Lipsky, Abraham Goldberg, Hon. Elihu D. Stone, Dr. A. Coralnik. Morris Rothenberg and Jacob Fishman.

The Administrative Committee also discussed at length ways and means of strengthening the fund-raising activities on behalf of Palestine, namely the forthcoming drives in many parts of the country of the Allied Jewish Campaign, in which the Zionists work shoulder to shoulder with the Joint Distribution Committee, and of the Jewish National Fund. Methods of assisting the orderly development of Palestine in coming years were discussed.

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