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Bucharest Papers Critical of Report That No Damages Will Be Paid to Jews of Borscha

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While the question of whether the Jews of Borscha will receive compensation from the government for the fire of anti-Semitic origin on July 4 which destroyed more than a thousand houses and did damage estimated at more than $250,000 is arousing the greatest interest among Jews and anti-Semites this question was answered in the negative today in quarters close to the ministry of the interior.

The Bucharest papers report this negative reply with reservations saying that if it is true it means that the government is indirectly telling the anti-Semites to “make fires, gentlemen, because the treasury will not suffer anyhow”. The papers demand that the government issue a clear cut and unequivocal communique regarding this question and recall the statement of the minister of the interior, Dr. Vayda Voevod, to the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that damages would be paid as soon as the investigation into the causes of the fire is completed.

The correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency tried to verify the report that no damages would be paid to the Jews of Borscha who, as a result of the fire are in dire need and suffering from lack of food and clothing. The attempt to obtain confirmation of the report from Premier Maniu was unsuccessful as his secretary explained that the Premier was out of the city for several days.

As a result of Dr. Vayda Voevod’s statement to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s correspondent that the government was prepared to pay damages to the Jews of Borscha, Valer Moldavanu, ministerial director of Thansylvania, submitted his resignation, saying that Dr. Vayda Voevod’s promise compromises Moldavanu’s findings as the chief investigator into the Borscha fire. M. Moldavanu says he is resigning because he considers Dr. Vayda Voevod’s statement as a repudiation of the findings in Moldavanu’s investigation.

In well-informed political circles here it is felt that if the Borscha Jews are not compensated by the government for their losses in the fire Premier Maniu should be held no less responsible than the minister of the interior for the Premier has enough influence to nullify Dr. Vayda Voevod’s alleged tendency not to pay damages.

Complete peace and order now prevails and the government, working in full cooperation with the King has given assurances that no further anti-Semitic outbreaks will occur, Premier Maniu told the Klausenberg papers today. The Premier is visiting Klausenberg.

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