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Liberals Charge Vayda Voevod with Using Government Funds to Support Anti-semitism

Dr. Alexander Vayda Voevod, Roumanian minister of the interior, is openly charged today in the Liberal press with utilizing the funds of not only his own ministry but of the foreign ministry as well for the support of the anti-Semitic student movement. In view of this grave accusation the influential and nonpartisan daily, “Dimineatza” demands that the Liberal Party present proof of its charge and that Dr. Vayda Voevod should issue a denial.

On the other hand, Ion Mihalache, minister of agriculture in the Maniu cabinet, in a public statement issued today, attacks the Liberals, saying that they and not the present government are supporting the anti-Semitic movement from their funds.

While the scheduled anti-Semitic student demonstrations in Husi, the home town of Zelea Codreanu, were prevented today, the trial of Codreanu, originally scheduled to start today, has been postponed for several days. There has been no let-up, however, in the measures being taken to avoid any disturbances in connection with the trial.