“daily Herald,” Arab Press, Repeat Charges Against Mufti
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“daily Herald,” Arab Press, Repeat Charges Against Mufti

Under the heading, “Grand Mufti Accused of Favoritism to Relatives and Misuse of Funds,” the London “Daily Herald” today states that serious accusations of corrupt practices have been made against the Mufti. The paper also states that the breach between the Moslem Supreme Council and the Arab Executive which became apparent when Auni Abdul Hadi, secretary of the Executive, was discharged, is widening perceptibly.

A member of the Arab Executive stated today, “The Mufti used to come to us as a beggar. Now he comes to give us orders.”

The charge of favoritism and nepotism is made against the Mufti who is also charged with appropriation of funds of the Arab Executive and the Moslem Supreme Council. It is alleged that the Mufti bought land from his relatives at fabulous prices and registered it in his own name. He would then, it is stated, lease the same land to his relatives at ridiculously low rentals.

Several Arab papers today carry leading articles opposing the Mufti, who is accused of ridding the Executive and the Supreme Council of a member whom he disliked, Abdul Hadi.