Original Idea Earns Millions for Jewish Business Man
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Original Idea Earns Millions for Jewish Business Man

An original idea which he hit upon two years ago of setting up for firms offices with a staff of stenographers, a communal telephone exchange, etc., has earned for Herman Levy, New York Jewish business man, a million dollars a year. Mr. Levy, who is now forty-five, started his career by selling newspapers on the lower East Side at night.

After the war Mr. Levy became a salesman. While making frequent visits to offices and office buildings he noticed that stenographers and other clerks were wasting too much time and were being paid too much for the amount of work they did. It occurred to him then that a communal staff of office assistants, paid to do only what the tenant wanted done, would mean a saving of expense to each office employer.

Mr. Levy’s corporation now serves more than 1,000 individual offices in New York in this way. He has signed contracts that bring under his control more than 250,000 feet of office space at a yearly rental cost of more than $1,000,000.

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